Entrepreneurship is a driving force for the economic growth and therefore it is necessary to raise the awareness for its development. A good entrepreneur means a strong company, a good economic example and a successful economic story. Several small successful economic stories mean successful business, greater number of employees and one big Macedonian successful story.

The Republic of Macedonia, through its institutions, must invest in the development of entrepreneurship. This is even of greater importance if it is known that the Republic of Macedonia has a huge number of small and medium enterprises, which provide a significant participation in GDP and in the foreign exchange and trade and employ a big percentage of the labor force in the country.

In this direction the Project “Entrepreneurship” will be realized, which foresees patronage and support of many small and medium businesses in networking with bigger production and distribution chains on the basis of unified standards, strong marketing and overall quality management.  

Timely recognized and supported innovative entrepreneur ideas are essential prerequisite for the increase of the competitiveness of the Macedonian companies and their equitable participation in the regional, European and world markets.