Biography of the First Lady of the Republic of Macedonia

The First Lady of the Republic of Macedonia, Ms. Maja Ivanova, is a law graduate, professionally engaged at the Agency for Civil Aviation, where she works as an Adviser. Furthermore, she is committed to accomplishing the daily agenda, being wife of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, and to the family moments spent with her husband and son Ivan.

Ms. Maja Ivanova was born in Skopje on May 15, 1964, and ever since her early youth days has shown to be an active and dynamic person, whose approach towards the immediate environment and the world was full of undisguised curiosity and desire for new discoveries and greater knowledge. Her elementary school days spent in the “Koco Racin”, and later her high-school days, were filled with creativity and intellectual work. Throughout the years she best expressed herself through poetry. The love for her hometown and its unique energy is depicted in the collection of poetry dedicated to Skopje, a book that brought her the prestigious award “13 November”.

During her studies at the Faculty of Law in Skopje, she became active and involved in many areas of social life. As a youth political activist, she witnessed the turbulent events that marked the creation of the independent Macedonian state, being also a strong voice in the youth debates that had the future establishment and development of the homeland in their focus.

Ms. Maja Ivanova started her professional path in the company Interimpex. Later, she accepted the challenge to work as a representative of the Swiss pharmaceutical company Hoffman La Roche. She continued her career in the Airline Representation Company Olympic Airways, and since 2001, she is an employee of the Agency for Civil Aviation.

Her continued commitment to the activities organized by the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia, undoubtedly contributed to the readiness of Ms. Maja Ivanova in taking over the responsibilities as spouse of the President of the Republic of Macedonia. Ms. Ivanova is fully devoted to issues which are not always set as priority in the society – improving the conditions and perspectives of parentless children and people with disabilities, as well as strengthening the position of women in every segment of social action.

Leisure time in the Ivanov family is filled with music. Ms Maja Ivanova, aware of the positive effects of music in one’s life, often fills the family hearth with the sounds of the instruments she plays - piano and accordion. This love for music which she shares with her husband is also conveyed to her son Ivan, who, despite his dedication to political science today, plays guitar and is active young musician.



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