Project Description

School for Young Leaders


The School for Young Leaders is a project of the President of Republic of Macedonia Dr. Gjorge Ivanov, primarily initiated in his electoral program, following his idea and vision to enable the young, talented and ambitious people from Macedonia to upgrade and improve their skills, to develop their creativity and managerial capacities.

The School was organized for the first time in late August 2010 in Ohrid, while the second generation of young leaders attended the training from 22 to 30 August 2011. The 3th School for Young Leaders was held from 20 to 31 August 2012, while the fourth from 19 to 31 August 2013. The 5th School for Young Leaders was held from 19th to 28th August 2014 in Ohrid. The 6th in a row School for Young Leaders was held from 16 to 28 August 2015 in Ohrid, the 7th School for Young Leaders was held from 14 to 26 August 2016 in Ohrid, while the 8th School for Young Leaders was held from 21th to 31th August 2017 in Ohrid. In total, in the past eight Schools, approximately 320 young people from all over the country and from abroad took part, with different academic and professional focus, and with the desire to develop their leadership skills and capacities, and contribute to the future positive development of the society and the environment in which they live and work. Prior to the seven generations of participants of the School for Young Leaders, over 180 renowned lecturers from the Republic of Macedonia, Europe and the world held their lectures.

The mission of the School is to stimulate the positive values of the young intellectual elite and future political, cultural and economic leaders of our country, moreover to develop their capacities to take on the challenges emerged with the global technology, international competition and cultural and religious diversities.

This program includes lectures and trainings from the areas of leadership and management, given by prominent lecturers and guests coming from top educational and professional institutions, politicians and parliamentarians from European countries, ambassadors, ministers, presidents of successful companies and business groups. The participants not only have the opportunity to hear their presentations and lectures, but also to discuss with them on various topics, to encourage their own notions and views and press them forward.

Through lectures, simulations, real examples, illustrations and practical exercises and trainings, the students are given the opportunity to become familiar with the practices of business leadership, political and military leadership. The vision of the School for leaders, as a training center with high standards and a responsibility for integration of the modern political, scientific and technological knowledge and skills, is based on the respect for the basic human values. Furthermore, its mission is to establish a new model in the leaders' education, advancement of their personality and leadership skills, that will create a felling of responsibility and a reaction towards their surrounding in their living and working environments.

The realization of the School is completely supported by the private sector, through donations.

It is said, "A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm..." In order to have future helmsmen ready to take over the helm, it is of utmost importance that investments should be made in their development and education.

As we build religious temples to inoculate our spirits, as we invest in our children's education to elevate their minds, as we invest in young managers and entrepreneurs to deal with the contemporary problems of governance and management, as we invest in our athletes to jointly celebrate their achievements and feel their victories as ours, as we invest in our historians in order not to forget the past and, as we invest in the science so to create a brighter future, we should invest in young leaders to successfully lead Republic of Macedonia on a political,  economical and cultural plan.


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